Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in the City: Light & Sound Show at the Ayala Triangle

Christmas time! but nothing like in the city!

When the ber-months finally set in, you can't help but notice the lights! the blues, reds and the malls, the roads, streets even houses. They all lit up at nighttime with all those christmas stars, lanterns, reindeers, santas, candy canes and giant christmas trees.  The city is alive and electric on Christmas!

I love spending the season in the metropolitan and gawk at what seems to be a contest for the best lighted street, or the most-decorated malls. Its nice to stay up late at this time of the year, the atmosphere really is festive! My special favorite is the city of Makati, with its large concentration of malls, no nook and cranny is dark at night.  And talking 'bout lights, the Ayala Triangle tops 'em all!!
Along Ayala Avenue in the midst of the city lies an open green space - the Triangle. All year round it serves as an oasis in the middle of the Makati skycraper jungle. a nice place to stroll, breathe air, jog, laze around and eat! During christmas, the whole park lights up!  lights dancing to the tune of old christmas carols to what makes out to be an entertaining Light and sound show!
Now the strollers are given a treat every night starting November? or even much earlier. The show starts at 7 pm, runs every 30 minutes up to 9 pm.
It can get really get exciting when the show starts. The only downside to it is the relentless traffic. But nevertheless, kids from all ages, 1 month to 90-plus years, come and enjoy the show!  

Wait till the whole park is lit up in alternating colors: red, blue, green, gold - looks like something straight out from pixieland!
Absolutely magical, like melting lights
AND did I mention it was free??? yup, just stroll around! 
Or stars scattered densely in the night
Awashed in red light
Now in cool blues
In red and green while jingle bell rock played

To green and white and shooting lights!

Now if christmas spirit is represented by'll be a rainbow. Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tribu K' Mindanawan: Jammin' with the Fire Dancers

The City of Davao never runs out of exhilarating things to do, appealing to all genuses of travelling folks. Be it the backpacker kind, the happy vacationist type, the extreme adventurer or the intellectual/creative sort, Davao City has lots to offer.

If you are looking for a kick that is very near the city, both the cultural and sizzling kind, a good place to check out is the Tribu K’ Mindanawan!

Being an adventurer by christening, I have my eyes set as far away from the city as possible. It was only due to time constraints (and budget) that made me consider looking for interesting places that is quite nearer downtown. That’s when I heard of Tribu. Tribu is located at the Davao Riverfront Corporate City, just 15 minutes away from the city proper. It’s a somewhat new commercial area along the Ma-a Diversion Highway.  Yup, it’s where you can also find the Davao Crocodile Park, the Davao Butterfly House and the booking office of the Davao Wildwater Adventure.  The thing is, the entrance fee actually covers the crocodile park, the tribu and an optional tour to the Butterfly house.

So after visiting our croc friends….

Got mesmerized by the flighty butterflies….
Then get yourself ready for tribu!

But wait, Tribu K’ Mindanawan is essentially a cultural showcase of the lives of the different indigenous people in Mindanao.  Going around the small park, it features replicas of the different huts and home structures that are characteristic of each tribe, their native garb, and their way of life. Cultural presentations of the tribes’ music, dance and rituals are presented every weekend starting at around 4 or 5 pm.  Next time I shall feature Mindanao's rich cultural diversity.  But for this trip, I was actually waiting for the finale!! Like taking a swig of a very refreshing and educational cultural quencher, you go lookin' for the fiery chaser. This is what made Tribu really exciting….the firedance.
As it turned out, its not just a play of fire by kids half my age (oops! you didn't catch that, did you??). But a real show of talent, guts and showmanship....
They are different from Boracay's firedancers. The kids' choreography is much more varied, and the wow factor multiplied a hundred times!

Their moves are fast, hippy and visually exciting! this is Boracay, with the hippy dance moves but without the alcohol!

Cant help clapping and jumping up and down my seat as I was thrilled and somewhat intoxicated by the fire!

A little worried by their confidence, but its just the cowardly me speaking...

Like literally walking through the fire...

I was speechless, a little scared...even my camera stopped blinking for a while.

Reckless? or just their signature daredevil moves. Argh! fiery!

The ladies are not so fire-shy themselves...

With their fiery hulahoops in hand...

The phrase playing with fire becomes visually entertaining...

Now, I have to remind myself to breathe from time to time...

And she looked like she is just having tea...

Is this the son of Hades? Vulcan himself or the Diablo's awakening...

Whatever imagery your mind can concoct by watching this fiery show...

...all are welcome and more! these kids mixed hiphop with fire! a fresh new look at firedancing!

The show lasted for 30 minutes, how fast time flies. By the time the show ended, the audience wanted more! me too! fire always got me scared, but not this time. definitely not...

Oh well, i was just joking. Fire still freaks me out. But I'm not gonna pass up the chance to pose with this pretty firedancer!

'Twas a fiery night cap! If you ever pass by crocodile park, dont miss out on this one. The firedance show is up every weekend, Fridays to Sundays at 5 pm.

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