Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What are your memories of after-sunday mass?

Angono Church with San Clemente as patron saint.  This is still part of my Angono trip. Tired at following the parade, a respite by the windy church is a blessing indeed.  Plus, the buck stops here...i mean, the parade will eventually end up here...so we wait.

Yup, they wait too. But they got the best seats in town, front row at the gate where the parade will come in...with free shades....

Hungry? no problem.  The church is also a place where good food can be found.  Typical scenes at Philippine churches include vendors of all types.  Native bibingkas, suman, kalamay and ibos fill my reminiscent mind with images of the mini me excited to go to church every sundays because of these.  Guess which ones are which...i saw cashew nuts too! yummy. 

Even foreigners are now selling too! what are these? mooncakes?

Yup, i remember it well...when i was young i go to church sometimes by myself not to greet the padres and madres but to look for toys...uhmm, guilty me. But what the heck, kids love sundays because its a festival out here every week. 

Hmm...these are....i dunno, but they look beautiful. i think they are clothes of the young santo nino? or are they for the kids? dunno really. but the colorful and shiny small tunics also seem to decorate the church grounds and add to its festive air...

Vendors are all types too you see.  See manong posing for me.  Sampaguitas and rosaries are regulars at every church in the Philippines.

I think every Filipino catholic has their own rosary. Being a country that is mostly catholic and the largest one in Asia, having a rosary is very important. 

Peddling rosaries and candles by the church are typical on a sunday, and more of them during a festival.  They scour the grounds and ask every churchgoer.  Its not an easy job, walking around under the heat of the morning, noon and afternoon sun.  It is as tiring as it is noble. At their age, their patience and resilience are admirable.

Balloons, rosaries, toy plates, snacks...even dyed chicks are typical scenes at a Filipino sunday mass.  Though guilt-laden right about now, my childhood memories are filled with pictures of drool-worth toys and stuffs.  Funny now it seems that the chaotic flurry of vendors and vendee, kids pleading for food or toy, and the colorful disarray of the church grounds after mass are more lively and pleasing than the organized and sophisticated window displays of today's malls...at least to the eyes of a child it is.  Or is it the child of yester-years vs the psp kids of today? Whatever.  I still miss them. What are your memories of after-sunday mass?
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